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Unpermitted signs on roadway/phone pole


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Resident has so many vehicles and RVs that they are constantly blocking the road and causing safety and traffic issues. There are frequently 6-8 vehicles parked at the home in the driveway and on the road. Previously the county installed no parking signs on the side of the road just west of the house the resident was using for parking, so now the resident parks in the road and often blocks or impairs traffic with an overflow of vehicles. This causes numerous traffic issues where only one vehicle at a time can get through, but also safety issues because there are no sidewalks and children are forced to dodge traffic trying to get around all the vehicles parked in the road all the time. There must be some limit to the amount of vehicles that can be parked at a house on a small lot and narrow road. This home is the first one on the only street coming into the neighborhood, so everyone going in and out of the neighborhood is stuck dealing with this situation.

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Q. Type of code violation
A. Prohibited vehicle; not business vehicles


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