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City of St. Petersburg


Pothole / Road Surface Issue


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Read all the previous complaints for the last year (or more) for the pins that have been dropped at this location and you'll understand the issue, since no fix has ever been done... it's not going away, just growing, "birthing" a smaller pothole in the center, to the west of the original hump more people trying to avoid it, going into opposing lanes of traffic at times... City response promised fixes and stated this was part of another project a year ago, if not more,... what? 2030 project? it was being reported from the first month after the roadwork was done, and during, telling city staff work was subpar for a truck route.

also asked...
Q. Location of pothole?
A. intersection, drive north on 28 at 35 mph, you can't miss it
Q. Is this a large depression in the road?
A. Yes

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