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Tree Trimming/Removal Acknowledged

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Tree Trimming/Removal


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This involves two locations: 215 and 245 22nd Avenue SE. In front of 215 there are two large low-hanging tree branches that at their lowest point are 70 inches (that is 5 feet 10 inches) above the sidewalk. This poses a serious safety issue for folks walking in the dark along that sidewalk. Even for me at 5 foot 9 inches it is like driving a van in a parking garage; you feel like you will hit the trees. The branches keep getting lower with time and need to be cut off—no small job. In front of 245, another tree branch, a little higher than the previous ones also needs to be cut off. I believe Code calls for an 8-foot clearance above sidewalks. I appreciate your assistance in keeping our sidewalks safe.

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