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House and/or Building


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This is no longer a house, it's a cliche. We just noticed a band of feral cats living in a hole in the wall again (see one in photo). We can hear them fighting and hunting around our property. Note the large pieces of aluminum fascia falling off as well as general crumbling of the building. Noted as well they are using OSB as siding in places near windows. No one has lived in the house in many years. Furthermore, after every windstorm there is literally debris from this house in the neighbors yards, creating a hazard when mowing. I recently had several 6x6 chunks of rotten shingles and last summer had a large piece of what was the rooftop antenna. This is a unfortunate situation at this property that seems to be quickly deteriorating.

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Q. What type of building problem is this? Check all that apply.
A. House or building needs roofing, House or building needs siding or paint, Broken or missing siding, windows, doors, fascia, etc., Unsafe or unsanitary conditions

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