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Dear Mr. Evolino,

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From Sept 18,2009 until today, 2010 9 months later - I was unable to schedule an appointment for a full body car detail I paid $187.90
from Bubble Bath Car Wash, 7027 Kennedy Blvd., North Bergen, NJ 07047, 201-854-9147

Each telephone call resulted in my speaking with the same lady - Ms. Manela - who kept telling me to leave a name, number, year/make of car, etc. to call back. Each time Ms. Manela did not call back. When I finally called back she failed to schedule an appointment of any sort. Today, June 6, 2010: I again called Ms. Manela at 11:30am and was told that I need to wait for them to return my call at 1:30pm. I expressed to her my prior difficulties to schedule "an appointment, and she replied "I cannot do miracles for you and we do not issue refunds. When I drove in to Bubble Bath Car Wash Inc today, June 6, 2010 at 1:30pm, the facilities were empty and the workers were outside without any customers. When I showed my $187.90 gift certificate to do a full body car detail: I was asked why didn't I do it earlier. I explained that Ms. Manela was unable to secure for me 1 appointment from Sept. 18, 2009 until today, June 6, 2010 - 9 months wait. Ms. Manela was not present at the facilities when her staff asked for her. I asked for the manager (wearing a black shirt) and he agreed to perform the job immediately. Ms. Manela was never on the premises during the job on my car. After I left a generous tip of $21.40 on my credit card, I then received a call at 3:30pm from an unidentified tel. #: 201-370-5807. Ms. Manela finally said on the call that "we are closed due to rain, how did it turn out?" Ms. Manela only said that she was busy and unable to return my call, and failed to offer a reasonable apology and explanation. Why did Ms. Manela call me from an unidentified # and "anonymous" # - 201-370-5807? When I returned her call at either 201-370-5807 or the official # 201-854-9147, she never answered the telephone.

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