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Proper triggering of left turn signals along South College Road Archived

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The left turn signals at Holly Tree, Pine Valley and Bragg Drive are not triggered to cycle for the next green cycle unless vehicles waiting to turn left are at the left turn trigger (left turn lane at the intersection) before the on coming light turns yellow for the waiting cars. If a car arrives during the yellow or red light cycles, no green left turn arrow will occur at the next green light cycle, which means, during busy traffic times, left turning cars must wait through the first green, another yellow and red until the next green to get a protected green left turn arrow. I have seen this situation cause less patient drivers to take unnecessary chances to make the left turn or run red lights rather than wait out the long light delays. This has resulted in several accidents at these intersections.

It is recommended that the light timing be changed such that any vehicle arriving in the left turn lanes during (NOT BEFORE) a yellow or red light will receive a green left turn arrow at the NEXT green light.

This issue with left turn arrows seems to be prevalent at many, if not all Wilmington Intersections and should be corrected.

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