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The signage at this intersection needs some updates so it is clear to drivers where they need to be, and what movements are legal. Often, drivers turning right will use the protected bike lane, which is dangerous & illegal... but if they're unfamiliar with the intersection the signage currently in place can be confusing. There should be a sign at the start of the PBL that clearly delineates which lane is for cars, and which lane is for bike. This intersection also needs a "right turns yield to bikes" sign, similar to the one already in place southbound near the high school.

In addition, a number of bollards at the start of the PBL have been knocked down over the winter, making the opening appear wider than normal, which seems to encourage more drivers in the bike lane. There are also missing bollards at the end of the PBL, which allows for a higher speed right hand turn.

On the other side of the intersection, there are two missing bollards that discouraged high speed right hand turns off the belt line onto North Ave.


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