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Graffiti -- Who is the Victim? Acknowledged

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Councillor Paul Harris facebooked & tweeted on Saturday February 23, 2013: “The graffiti in the city is getting out of control. We need a strategy to handle it that doesn't punish the victim. #red deer” This indeed surprised me considering the following:

Approximately 1 year ago, Paul Harris posted on see click fix an issue dated April 21, 2012 against our property, namely issue #176615, tagged “graffiti” and “drug dealing” that showed a photo of our building with graffiti on it and the words “Behind the eclectic bakery. One of the smith properties. This site is often used for drug exchanges and use.”

Paul Harris also more recently posted on September 19, 2012 on facebook the following about our building:

"You'll remember that during the election I committed to deal with 'the hole' beside Gaetz Avenue United Church downtown that had been there for 12 years collecting garbage, making the neighbourhood unsafe and unsightly, and devaluing the properties. I pushed hard for that work to be done. It cost us all money through continual policing, environmental issues, and reduced economic activity. With the steadfast help of our downtown coordinator, and Minister Rock from Gaetz United, the hole is filled and tidied up! Now it’s home to Cool Beans. You should visit them and the other cool businesses on the block. I’ll now turn my attention to the ‘eclectic bakery’ downtown. It’s been like that for over 10 years, boarded over, collecting junk, graffiti, and weighing down economic development. Again…costing us all stretched resources that should be better used elsewhere in our community. Little Gaetz is becoming the place to be; that firetrap has no place in our healthy future."

Please let me paint the picture for you of this area and the block where our building is located on Little Gaetz.

I begin by saying -- Though it was not our choice, who are neighbours are, nor have we ever made it an issue, instead we have just accepted our neighbours and have tried to make the best of the situation as any good neighbour would do.

Our building is one of three buildings on the block. The other two buildings are the Canadian Mental Health building and Potter’s Hand building with low income housing in both building’s on the upper levels. Please note in order to stay in these Potter’s Hand residences you are NOT required to be abstaining from drug/alcohol/ etc. Therefore, you can be using drugs, alcohol, and other addictions when staying there. In addition, there is a box for needles in the back alley behind Potter’s Hands building for those to place their used needles.

Does it seem fair….. that Paul Harris shows a photo of our graffitied building and then say “Behind the eclectic bakery. One of the smith properties. This site is often used for drug exchanges and use." As well as posts on facebook that our building and its owner is the problem in the area and not the other two nor any other property owners, just us?

We were at that time and still are to this day, the VICTIM here. Victim of graffiti on our building, victim of crimes against our property, victim of location and circumstance, due to who our neighbours are and who inhabits our downtown.

And Councillor Paul Harris has the audacity to try to blame us and our building for the problems in the area, trying to make us the criminals, rather than the victims -- Shame on him and those that do this.

The City of Red Deer, the Mayor and City Council need to support and protect the victims/property owners/business owners in our downtown from property damage, graffiti, and the like – not punish them with fines, ridicule them, diminish their value in the community, and try to convince others that we are the problem, whilst ignoring the real problem in our downtown.

We (property owners & businesses in the downtown) are the victims, remember this please, please, please and make the city, the mayor, and council do something about this awful situation property owners & businesses are subjected to and the circumstances our downtown is in and has become.


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