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Godfrey Rd E and Ravenwood - still a dangerous intersection!!!! Archived

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Turning left from Ravenwood Drive onto Godfrey Road East is a ridiculously dangerous driving situation. The sight-lines from the stop sign looking left do not provide an adequate view of the traffic headed east on Godfrey. It has been know by most in town that the intersection is a problem. Six months or so ago, a young man and a woman in two separate autos nearly lost their lives when the woman driving up the hill T-boned the young man who was attempting to turn left (a blind maneuver) from Ravenwood. Reports in The Forum with quotes from Police Chief Troxell, (I believe), indicated that this problem would be fixed by working with the property owner whose little dirt hill makes the intersection so blind. Have any steps been taken to alleviate this problem since the accident? The only step I have seen is the placement of a police trailer flashing the speed at which the traffic is going up the hill on Godfrey Rd E. It was there a few days to a week. My heart goes into adrenalin overdrive every time I turn left from Ravenwood onto Godfrey Road East. Come on, this is ridiculous! Do we have to go through another potentially fatal accident? The powers-that-be should be getting something done by now! The stop signs on Kellogg Hill Ext. and Wells Hill help make that intersection safer. (Is that in Easton?) Or perhaps the neighbors and other concerned citizens can start pick axing that dirt hill so there is more visibility, and, thus, a safer intersection.

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