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Threats from Vehicle Acknowledged

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I was biking south down Broad street and a black or dark blue SUV with license plate GCE 7381 drove past me. When they drove past me they yelled suddenly from their windows and tried to scare me. Then I saw up ahead that they were stopped at a red light at Morris street and I saw them open their side door and close it. As I rode past them I heard one of them say "You missed him" and another say something to the effect of "we'll get him again." I quickly went and turned down castle street and as I rode down I heard them yell from behind me, "Yeah, get of our block!"

I feel like if they wanted to they would have tried to run me off the road. It didn't seem like a joke to them based on their tone of voice.

The only person I could get a look at was on the rear passenger side, a white male early to mid twenties short dark hair, he was in the rear passenger's side. The rest were most likely the same age, white males. I might have hear a female's voice. This occurred at about 7:15 pm on Monday June 21st.


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