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Abandoned Vehicles Acknowledged

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Abandoned Vehicles


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there are always 3-4 vehicles parked alongside the south side of Catherine St. at the intersection of Hawk St. headed down the hill. I commute this way to work every day and they are blocking the view of the intersection and make it difficult for cars turning up Catherine St. from Hawk St. to make the turn if cars are coming down Catherine St. these cars are not running - some of them have flat tires. I believe they are from Jamalaye Auto down the street. I also think the intersection should be a 4-way stop street - there is no stop sign for Hawk St. and the amount of cars parked near this intersection make it nearly impossible to see cars coming in either direction. very dangerous!!

also asked...
Q. Is the vehicle on private property or city property? Please select one.
A. Public property
Q. What makes you believe the vehicle is abandoned? How long has the vehicle been abandoned? Briefly describe the situation.
A. multiple vehicles parked at the intersection of Catherine St. and Hawk St.
Q. What color is the vehicle?
A. multiple vehicles
Q. What are the make and model of the car (ex: Ford sedan)?
A. multiple vehilcles
Q. Is the vehicle damaged? If yes, how?
A. flat tires, other issues


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