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1900 Block Of Serpentine Drive South Pink Streets, Saint Petersburg, Florida Show on Map Hide Map
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City of St. Petersburg


Road Potholes / Road Depression


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This is a years' long issue repeatedly reported by the residents of the street and nothing is resolved yet. The MULTIPLE potholes are breeding mosquitoes when it rains and fills them with water, as yesterday, make the road impassible without giving your auto, shoes, bike, trike a mud bath, and repeatedly damage your vehicles' shocks. .Besides that, it makes this upscale, high tax area look rundown and affects our property values. PLEASE, we deserve your attention and a solution. The macadam does not work and kills the grass it sweeps into, further damaging the aesthetics of the street. The city at one point pledged to maintain the street with gravel, but no longer does that or much else. The last city employee reviewing the situation called the street an "alley", which it most assuredly is not. It is the last block of the main thoroughfare in the blocks long pink streets section of the city and is unpaved.. Our support of Mayor Kriseman was in part predicated on the belief in his abililty to respond to citizen issues. This is one of long standing and we need his help.

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Q. Location of pothole?
A. Serpentine Drive South, St. Pete MULTIPLE POTHOLES
Q. Is this a large depression in the road?
A. Yes

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