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OLD City of Richmond


Trash/Bulk Pick-ups


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trash, bridge


Dear City of Richmond

I am currently an employee in the city of Richmond. Every day I get off on exit 78South and as I come down the hill the trash literally smacks you in the face. Over the past couple months the amount of trash has become overwhelming. I feel as if it has attracted more trash because it looks the way it does. Also recently there has been bridge work off this exit and I hoped they would have cleaned up the area since they were already in the area cleaning up but instead they decided to just throw hay over top of the additional trash. The major issue here is the eye sore it has become and being such a heavily traveled exit you would hope that is not the scene you would want to betray for your city. If you could please get someone over there to take care of this issue it would make a huge impact on the area alone. I hope to see a change off of this exit very soon I will be looking forward to seeing a clean exit. If I do not see a change you will hear from me again. Thank you for your attention on this issue.


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