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City of St. Petersburg


Road Potholes / Road Depression


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Good afternoon
Our neighbor reported about the pothole back in 2016 it was listed at the address 2100 76th St N St Petersburg FL 33710
several times was reported the same problem until the crack opened in the middle of the 76th St N, some company came and tried to fixed by simply filling up the pothole with some soil and left it not covered with asphalt. There is still a sing standing in the middle of the street . Also while working, they damaged the asphalt edge that is bordering with the front yard of 2150 76th St N St Petersburg FL 33710 , this incident was also reported . Now another pothole opened on the entrance to driveway of the same property 2150 76th St N, most likely this is consequences of unfinished job that began in year of 2016 . Please fix this matter or next step could be reported to Bay news 9 , they would be interested to show another sinkhole issue on the TV. Attached picture and other records could be send upon request

also asked...
Q. Location of pothole?
A. 2150 76th St N St Petersburg FL 33710
Q. Is this a large depression in the road?
A. No


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