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This is regarding southbound SW 4th Ave at the Davie Blvd intersection.

Often cars wanting to make a right turn will squeeze between the cars in the right lane and the curb via the bike lane to make their right turn on red.

This morning while bicycling: I was waiting at the Davie Blvd intersection for a green light. A car squeezed by a car in the right lane to get behind me for a right turn. I was honked at and cursed at to move out of the way so this woman can make a right turn on red. This is the first time this has happened to me this year. Last year I would say this has happened to me about five times, all involving honking and cursing for me to move so that these people can make a right turn on red. This is a very uncomfortable situation.

My issue is that this intersection does not seem to be complete or has a design flaw. The bicycle lane line seems to disappear about a car length before the stop line. Looking at the next major intersection on southbound 4th Ave, it is SW 17th Street. The bicycle lane line at this intersection goes right to the stop line at the intersection. Please see attached images.

I would assume that the simple solution, and request, extending the bicycle lane all the way to the stop line at Davie Blvd intersection, with a "turning vehicles to yield to bikes" sign. Fort Lauderdale about a month or so ago has added new bicycle lanes with green paint on NE 3rd Street between NE 3rd Ave and Federal Hwy. Can we continue this trend with my request to extend the bicycle lane makings WITH the addition of painting the bike lane green just before the intersection. Please see additional attached images.

Florida continues to rank as the most dangerous state for pedestrians and bicyclist, can we please make our streets safe for ALL users of the road.

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