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road safety

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These Oil storage tanks are rusting badly and are directly across from single family homes. Its curious that the City allowed these homes to be built so close to this industrial petroleum storage facility, as I see children playing very close to this property quite frequently, but can something be done about these eyesores? Aside from the question of maintenance (if Pennzoil maintains the exterior of their tanks like this, what priority do they give for other maintenance and safety protocols?), can the City cite them for being an eyesore (Nuisance Conditions)? The planning department indicated to me that this area has been rezoned as residential and Pennzoil was grandfathered in, but it seems they should be required to maintain their storage tanks properly. Thanks in advance to our City officials for looking into this matter and advising if anything can be done (e.g is there no requirement that they properly maintain and routinely paint these huge, very publicly visible storage tanks?).

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