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Valley Bowl & Old Valley Cinema area a DUMP Archived

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Just as you come off exit 16 Pershing Dr into Derby/Ansonia the first thing you see is the Valley Bowl lot. Out on the grassy area that borders Pershing Dr are tons of cheap looking dumpy signs saying Hubbell Shoes going out of business and signs for the Brick House restaurant. This area is a total DUMP. This area is always full of liter that people throw out of their cars also. You would think the owner of these buildings would go out once in awhile and cut the grass and pick up the TRASH. Get rid of all those signs. Especially The Brickhouse Restaurant, I'm not going to a place with these cheap looking signs all over the place. BRICKHOUSE,I know you need to advertise but put tasteful signs in that will make people want to patronize your establishment. With a sign like you have now, makes me wonder what the inside of your place looks like!!!!! DERBY, why don't you get your blight people after the owners of this plaza. It's the first place you see coming off the exit, why has it been this way ever since I have lived in the valley, over 40 years now!!!!! ShopRite did a wonderful thing for fixing up the old Bradless Plaza...not get after whoever owns across the street!!!!!!!!!!!

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