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There is a 10' strip of asphalt between 67 and 69 olive ave that was torn up by city plows during the blizzard of 2013. Part of the curb berm that was paid for by residents of both addresses was also torn up. I think it is a travesty when hardworking people put up their own money to have a sidewalk put in so school kids can walk safely and city employees or subcontractors destroy it with absolute disregard. The city came by and filled in 3 little potholes that were'nt even part of this damage.we pay high enough property taxes and 2$ garbage bags that our streets and sidewalks should be in much better shape. Olive ave is part of a series of 3 streets that is a cut through from Maplewood Square to Rte. 99. There is a lot of traffic and its not safe to drive. Please fix it or more drastic measures will have to be taken

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