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Time for a traffic study for Route 352! It is long overdue for some major improvements . For instance, the intersection at Knowlton is a potential deathtrap as well as many other portions of this highway. Knowlton Rd. should be widened in this area to accomodate left-turn lanes which have left-turn arrow signals. 45 m.p.h. is too fast for the residential areas of 352 with drivers pulling out of driveways and side streets. God -forbid if your car stalls on this road since some of it has no shoulder to pull over. The delapidated , narrow bridge over Baltimore Pike was last replaced in 1979. This outdated ,crumbling monstrosity needs to be replaced with a wider bridge so drivers do not have to swerve around vehicles approaching and leaving this bottleneck on the cloverleaf on- off ramps. At the Pennell and Barron intersection ,lines for a left-turn lane need to be painted. Finally ,some grassy medians should be placed in the center in some portions of this highway -much in the manner of West. Chester Pk.

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