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There's a 5 foot strip of city property that runs along the back of houses along 136 to 116 Morningside Drive. This strip is between these houses and the Northbridge Nursing home at 2875 Main St. Trees have grown in from weed saplings to huge trees. Damaging the fence, and competing/stunting the growth of the arborvitae trees and other huge tree that was already there. These trees have weak wood that litter the back yards constantly with limbs and branches. Three trees should be removed and are noted in the picture: the first tree is next to the blue recycling bin to the far left, the second tree is near to other recycling bin to the right of the first tree, and the third tree is to the right of the second tree and has an orange bucket wedged in the tree. The older tree to the far right of these three trees needs maintanance because there's invasive vines over taking the tree, also a city placed support cable needs reassessing. The cable runs from the tree to a utility pole located on the corner of Morningside drive and manhattan Ave. please contact constituent when coming to inspect: 864-494-0141 Mr M

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Q. What is the issue?
A. Tree in Danger of Falling
Q. Describe the location of the issue?
A. Between the back of the houses at addresses of 136-116 Morningside drive and the Northbridge Nursing home at 2875 Main st


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