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Marina / Port / Pier Issues


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Several months ago I complained to the Manager of the Municipal Marina about a couple of residents that were parking more than the allotted 2 vehicles per boat policy in the marina resident only parking spaces. I was told that in early 2018 that new parking permit stickers would be issued and that at that time, these issues would be resolved. The permits have been reissued and one resident was somehow allotted 3 parking permits for 3 vehicles. This resident has 1 boat here and per policy should be limited to 2 permits. I have to question how this resident was able to sway marina staff to issue 3 permits to them. I believe this warrants investigation as it deserves an explanation. Furthermore, it has been communicated that marina parking near the pier will be eliminated and therefore several residents that used to live on the north docks have moved to the south docks, further warranting the need for stricter enforcement of the policy. Also, one of my neighbors had one of the new permit stickers stolen from their rear window. Perhaps this is where the resident with 3 vehicles obtained the third permit. The resident's name was reported to marina staff. I expect this matter to be investigated either to find that the resident stole the permit sticker or the marina staff failed to do their duty per city regulations.

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