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Numerous potholes on Westwood bridge going towards West Broad St. Acknowledged

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Their are numerous potholes that have been filled repeatedly on this bridge, only to deteriorate again. It is like driving an obstacle course. Filling potholes again will temporarily fix the problem but the street needs to be re-paved In this area. The bridge & street problem area begins at Erni Electronis, 2201 Westwood. We moved here 2 years ago & This street has been impossible to drive for at least that long.
Please don’t just fill the potholes, that will only be a temporary solution. please re-pave the street In that area.

I have never lived in a city with such poor street maintenance, which is suprsing as it is the Capital! The problem seems to be in the Capital City itself because as soon as one leaves the city limits, going into Henrico or other towns, the streets immediately improve in drivability. Not sure why this is??
It would be wonderful to have this street repaved as it is a very busy street, heavily traveled.
Thank you.

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