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This regards a pet owner at 200 Benton Ave. I was walking around the plaza across the street and 2 dogs (pit/pit mixes) walked over to me from the house. They both did not have collars on and gave the impression that they are able to roam freely. An older dog (black and white) continued past me into the woods casually as if it were routine. A younger unaltered male stayed with me, he was thinner than I would expect if a dog were healthy. I noticed a man in the driveway walking with another gray/blue pit. He didn't seem concerned that the other 2 had left until he noticed my boyfriend and I standing next to the puppy. He called for it to come back but did not look for the other dog.
My main concerns are that their safety isn't held as a priority by the owner, they do not have identification and could end up lost, and the possibility of breeding since they are roaming freely and at least one is unaltered.
I'm sorry but I did not take any pictures.

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