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Another month, another abandoned/run down vehicle let to rust on our street Acknowledged

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This goes without saying, our neighborhood is a storage space for unwanted or otherwise non-functional vehicles. This vehicle has no working lights on the front, the tires are almost flat, and theres no front license plate. Its been here for weeks and no one seems to know who it is that's doing this but i have the suspicion that it is someone that doesnt necessarily live at the one of the houses on our street but stay there from tine to time and stashes vehicles here or rides them til there done. Within 2-4weeks of Making these reports, some guys always roll up out of no where, work on the car, get it to run, and slide it on to another street.
Then within a few weeks, there's another car in ita place. It's ridiculous! We dont have driveways. At least 80 percent of the residents. This has to stop.

Vehicle for removal:
White, early 2000s Ford Crown Vic

Only head lights, no other lights present. Not street legal. Deflates tires. No front license plate. And im sure the inspection is over due.

Please remove this vehicle and take note of how many times this kind of thing has been reported on Woodrow and the surrounding Streets. Its astounding

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