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This is complaint which was already was submitted multiple times about unnecessary loud and ever way too much frequent library’s tower bell.After we submitted multiple complaints about how much inconsistent,too unorganized and loud their bell is the bell became EVEN MORE(!)FREQUENT AND MUCH MORE LOUD (????????????) we heard reply from managements end that this is a “tradition” We firmly believe that every ten minutes all over neighborhood loud from 9 to 11 (sometimes even past alowed time for noise which is 11.03) bell is so much careless and disrespectful towards deserved peace and right for quite times of people in neighborhood and needed desperately to adjust their “tradition”. My kids and husband as much as other neigbours who DOESNT WANT HANDLE EXTRA UNNECESSARY BESIDES ONES THAT ARE ALREDY TOO LOUD ,FREQUENT BUT NECESSARY SUCH AS MULTIPLE AMBULANCES,FIRE TRACKS AND SO ON PAST 9 P.M when really THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS AND DISRESPECTFUL NOT EVEN LOW THE VOLUME BUT THINKING THEY (whoever is ever annoying DJ of loud raping peace and rest of working people who work hard and do not deserve to be attacked by set by God knows who rules what are really MAKES NO SENSE .Whoever decided that its ok for working people in neighborhood being VIOLENTLY AND DISRESPECTFULLY FORCED TO BE EXPOSED EVERY TEN MINUTES TO EXCESSIVELY ANNOYINGLY FREQUENT AND LOUD BELL might start harder thinking of reason that are truly fits respect to people’s right to choose that unnecessary noises they need to be excluded from their especially p.m rest hours or wee hours which are starts at 9 p.m for those who wake up at 4 a.m ,their right to choose amongst already loudness of City that noise is unnecessary and must be shut down!!!!,those responsible for raping people’s rest and right to peace with bell if their reasons and actions in making it ring 15 hour EVERY DAY EVERY TEN MINUTES ON UNACCEPTABLE FREQUENCY FOR UNNECESSARY NOISE BY LAW IN NY AND ALSO MANAGMENT OF LIBRARY OR WHOEVER IS MADE THOSE DECISIONS NOT EVEN TO ADJUST VOLUME BUT MAKE IT EVEN LOUDER these people need to check if these reasons fits also COMMON SENSE AND MODERN TIMES especially they dont hear that noise INSIDE OF THEIR PREMISES AND IM SURE AFTER LEAVING PREMISES THEY GOING HOME AND WONT BE IN NEED OF NOISES AT THEIR OWN HOME SURELY.”Tradition “from60-s”as they said needs to be adjusted accordingly AND WITH HUGE RESPECT TO PEOPLE WHO LIVES AROUND and whose are Jewish,asians,arabic,russians WHO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH “TRADITION “ NOTHING AND COULDNT CARE LESS .THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CARE...OF “Tradition “ IS ONE(!!!!!)AND ONLY (!)PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT VIOLENCE OF LOUDNESS AROUND AND IF YOU START TO GET THIS ISSUE STRAIGHT U WILL LEARN WHO IS THAT PERSON

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