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Need traffic light just before west bound exit ramp from I-75 Open

21901-21911 W Rd Woodhaven, MI 48183, USA Show on Map Hide Map
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Fast moving vehicles exiting I-75 merging with 45mph traffic on 2 west bound lanes of West Rd. The merge lane is too short, and if you need to turn Left at Hall forget it. I know a major accident is waiting to happen here and could be prevented if they put a traffic light up to stop traffic on the bridge so that the vehicles coming off the freeway could have the right of way. It is this way on the east bound side of the exit and does seem to help and doesn't interupt traffic flow. They also could reduce the speed limit on West Rd. between I-75 and Telegraph to 35-40mph from 45 which it is currently since that area is mainly a residential area now with lots of apartment complexes, a school nearby, and multiple small businesses where people stop suddenly, or are turning in and out of with no center turn lane.

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