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ticketed for running in bjs from a MAN WITH NO ID ON HIM!!! Archived

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A FEW weeks ago I was ticketed for running in BJS for dropping an item from my cart.(my car was in the front).Literally ran in for 30 seconds picked it up, and this man with no ID, claiming to be the Springfield Fire Marshall..yelled and kept telling me not to PARK in front of the store..I told him I knew that and explained I dropped an item..he was nasty and I got nasty..2 weeks later I get the $40 ticket..didn't want to pay it, waited for a notice to go fight it, and the Springfield Police chief sent me a nice letter that I was late paying for it, and they would give me 2 weeks to pay nice!! ok, I did pay it, along with a note and not to mention I made phone calls to complain about what happened that's not the $40, but principal..he was such a jerk!! now I have pics to prove there are NO yellow markings nor a sign NOT to park (Fire Zone) in front!! plus the Us postal and UPS park in the front and drop off mail..etc..I guess that's LEGAL???


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