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14 Oakwood ave has been an eyesore in the otherwise blight free neighborhood. This is the only boarded up building on the entire street.

The city foreclosed on the property for back taxes about 2 years ago. Prior to that, the city kept taking the owner to court to force him to do something about the dilapidated building. He paid many fines but never did anything to the property.

Now, the city of Troy owns it and they won't even "pretty up" the facade like they were trying to force the previous owner to do!

Since it is wide open on both sides (doors and windows open), the building is filled with feral cats, skunks, gophers and other wildlife. Not to mention that it is has become a "playroom" for the most of the neighborhood kids. Eventually, someone is going to get hurt and the city is going to get sued.

If the city won't do the right thing for the neighborhood and demolish this building... they should at least board it up securely and paint the facade, remove all the weeds and trees etc etc etc. Make it presentable.

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