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About a week ago, they took out the intersection hump. I can not imagine why they would take out an intersection hump on a street where a three young boys crashed their car, and one died. There have been multiple car accidents all up and down 40th street S, and they removed the intersection hump right before the bike path. I have seen, over the past week cars who speed the whole way up and the whole way down 40th street now. I've seen people almost get hit, bikers almost get hit, cars who are at a stop sign trying to cross but have to stop suddenly because these cars are flying, at least 60-70 mph down this road. Why would you take out the intersection hump? So they can get a head start, and increase their mph down a residential road? And why are there 'hump ahead' signs, without any humps? I thought we were going to get speed humps on this street. I predict another accident. There have already been 2 undocumented. They just crash into things, and if their cars are able to keep driving, they keep on driving. This wouldn't happen on the North side. There has been one patrol car that comes once or twice a week, but that's not enough. Why did they take the intersection hump away? Thanks

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