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Alley Clearing


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They're back! Constant problem in the alley between 3rd and 4th Ave S, 27th and 28th St S. As soon as the mess is cleared up, another dumping occurs. This is not a problem of outsiders dumping, but the residents dragging their trash and yard waste into the alley. I understand an Inspector should come to the location, but not sure what they do. Education and talking to the residents is NOT their job. I requested a brochure from the trash department regarding proper disposal and dumping, to distribute throughout Palmetto Park, but these in none available. Requesting this mess be cleaned up, again, and knocking on a few doors to educate the residents on proper procedures. Only one photo can be uploaded, but the mess continues over halfway through the alley, again. Also, there is a 500 gallon dumpster on 27th St S, across from Palmetto Park Tot Lot. Does the mayor have one in his front yard? Still waiting on my return phone call from the mayor's office from a message left over a month ago. The election is over, has the policy on returning phone calls changed?

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Q. What needs to be cleared from the alley?
A. Litter in alley, Larger dumped items in alley (ie. furniture), Overgrown vegetation blocking alley


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