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Lost Pet- Your animal is missing?


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Rotty/Pug Mix. Very skiddish. Likes to hide under things and against walls (sheds, decks, porches, thick shrubs). Pink collar that lights up with a touch of a button. 30 ish lbs. She is scared, please do not approach but note location and direction if she runs.

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Q. Select type of pet
A. Dog
Q. Breed of animal
A. Rotty Pug mix
Q. Date the animal was lost
A. 05/13/2018
Q. Sex of animal
A. Female
Q. Is your animal spayed or neutered?
A. Yes
Q. How old is your pet?
A. 1.5 years
Q. What color is your pet? Please include any white markings and/or distinct markings unique to your pet. The more accurate your description the more likely you will find your pet.
A. Black on the top/back tan on the legs . Dark brown and tan face.
Q. What does the coat of your pet look like? (Check all that apply)
A. Short, Medium
Q. What does your pet's tail look like? (Check all that apply)
A. Long
Q. What does your pets ears look like? (Check all that apply)
A. Floppy
Q. What size is your animal? Please include an approximate weight on your animal if known. (Example: Medium size dog that weighs 40 lbs.)
A. 30 lbs med/small
Q. Is your pet micro-chipped?
A. Yes
Q. If this is a missing cat..Is this cat declawed? (Choose N/A if your pet is not a cat)
A. N/A
Q. Describe any other identifiers for your pet. Be very descriptive. (Ex: My pet has a slight limp on left front leg, he is wearing a purple nylon collar with a silver ID tag)
A. Pink nylon collar that can light up with a silver tag. Very skiddish, likes to hide under things and in corners.
Q. What is your pet's name?
A. Brooke
Q. What area was your pet lost from? Please be specific.
A. Elkridge, near 6135 Old Washington Rd,

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