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Howard County, MD


Roadway & Drainage Concern


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This isn't all about the tree at all - just not other category. Our cul de sac has always looked like crap because of traffic too big for the circle running over it (see pics). Lived here 30 yrs, and we have mowed and tended it, done some plantings, etc. But buses, trucks and trailers are constantly running over it. We deserve better. Even if you shrunk it and poured new curbs, it would look better than the muddy mess we have now. Tree roots also prevent us from mowing the weeds that are there. It's a beautiful, huge sycamore tree, but it might be outgrowing the circle. Can anything be done???

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Q. Where is the tree?
A. cul de sac at end of Wandering Way
Q. Select the concern
A. Hanging limbs over the road or sidewalk

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