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Traffic complaint-Not needing immediate attention


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The speed limit on the street is 25/mph. The drivers do not follow the speed limit, putting pedestrians and kids at risk. Request monitoring and suggest a electronic speed-limit indicator be placed so as to make the drivers aware of their speeding. Thank you.
*********Place in question is Tyson Lane, cross section Poe Road on one end and Littlebrook Road on the other end.************

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Q. Is this an on going problem with all vehicles or specific to one vehicle?
A. Most vehicles
Q. If this is a speeding vehicle or vehicles please provide descriptions and time frame if possible.
A. Speeding Vehicles - mornings and evenings. Drivers seeking to avoid Rt 27 traffic and using inner roads are not following speed limit. Kids walking to/from school, playing in the neighborhood and people taking a walk, are at great risk. Please consider a preventative action, ie. putting up a speed limit monitor etc.


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