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Public Nuisance

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A. The dogs residing at 107 Fairway Dr are continually barking and disturbing the peace and tranquility of the area. The owners are failing to exercise proper care and control of their animals, as they are and have been a public nuisance. The dogs spend a majority of the day outside, in a fenced in area, unattended. The three large dogs bark, growl, dig under fences, and jump on the fence. Fecal matter is not maintained on the property even given their responsibility for the removal of any fecal matter deposited by their animals on their private property. As stated previously by a neighbor, the dogs continually bark for hours, all hours of the day and night, including but not limited to, early hours of the morning. The barking is loud, exceeding 70 decibels between the three dogs, which often times exceeds a four hour period. There have been numerous complaints made over the years and the city has continually failed to apply their city ordinances to the matter. We have the right to posses the premises in peace without interference. The nuisance of the animals residing at 107 Fairway Dr is disturbing the neighborhoods right to quiet enjoyment.


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