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There are consistently two women that stand in front of these two new homes on Idlewild. One of them gets dropped off on the corner of Seawell and Edenton from different cars with male drivers multiple times this month. It has taken me a while to put it together, but when I saw her standing with another woman on Idlewild almost every day, it occured to me that she is a prostitute and/or drug dealer of some kind. We often get foot traffic from the business these women receive on Idlewild and there have been many instances of people who are drunk, peeing on the street, and indecent exposure from people headed to this location on Idlewild. On Seawell and Idlewild very close by this house, there are children who are often playing in the front yards. I would like to see this neighborhood become safe for children to play freely and without concern of prostitution or drugs. I plan to call the police and discuss the matter with RPD, but thought I would also post it here to see if anyone else is aware of the issue and can offer information. Thank you for your time. RPD is always incredibly responsive and quick to help solve issues in our neighborhood.

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