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Streets - Guardrail Repair Acknowledged

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Streets - Guardrail Repair


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Coliseum Industrial



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At the intersection of 46th Avenue and Coliseum Avenue in Oakland, you need to install a guard rail right at the High Street exit. Many car exit and instead of going straight they turn (and they should turn) but then they jump the double yellow line and drive into oncoming traffic just to be closer in line to the street light. This is an incredibly dangerous intersection, unfortunately its by my house so I have to drive by it every day multiple times a day. I've been hit once where the driver was texting and not paying attention and T-Boned my car. My husband just had the same thing happen to him, with our infant son. Thankfully he was in a large truck, but the person didn't even slow down, Just quickly jumped the double line and plowed into the passenger driver side of my husbands truck. This need to be fixed asap.

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Q. Is the guardrail made of wood or metal?
A. Don't Know / No Answer
Q. Is the guardrail damaged or missing?
A. Missing

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