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New Traffic Light Installed using Old Technology Acknowledged

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In 2009, a new traffic light was install on Pa-291, Penrose Avenue in South Philly right below the exit ramp to eastbound I-76. The reason for the new signal is the development of new homes along Hartranft Street. The problem with this lightis basically the same with all other traffic lights in the city outside of the grid system, the use of old cycling technology of the light. Why does the light along Pa-291 have to change to red when no cars are present on Hartranft street. There are three lanes going eastbound on Pa-291 and the right most lane leads to the on-ramp to eastbound I-76 towards the Walt Whitman Bridge. I've seen cars blow through the red light in the lane leading to the On-ramp which is just feet beyond the traffic light intersection. For crying out loud, the traffic light is brand new and there are no loops in the road or video detection to detect the presence of a car on Hartranft Street. Traffic signals in Philadelphia are maintained by the city, not Penndot, but can't the Philadelphia Streets Deparment stop using old technology of having the light cycle even if no cars are present on the side street. Oddly, just down Penrose Avenue is the intersection with Patterson Avenue. On top of the traffic light poll facing Patterson Avenue and a future side street is a traffic video detector. This signal has been here longer than the one mentoned before, but has been upgraded so the camera can detect a car and give it the green until it does not detect any more cars. This was Penrose Avenue gets the green longer and does not change unless the video detection detects a car on Patterson Avenue.

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