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City Park Maintenance


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band of Homeless that are residing on dilapidated & non-operable boats moored in the cove of little Bayou. These guys are living under city Pavilion from 7AM til Dark. The general public has no access to enjoy it! Homeless also have large dogs which are also kept under pavilion. There both human and dog waste all over grounds & along shoreline! This is not a designated homeless camp, its a Public Park that has been taken over by homeless. This has been reported more than a dozen times. We do not need for the City to notify the homeless activist group. We need the CITY to take ACTION!. The City would NEVER allow this to happen in North St. Pete - Straub Park. Shameful how the City turns a blind eye to the South Side!

also asked...
Q. Park name or location?
A. Grandview Park

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