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Maitland Drive Traffic Relief
My wife and I have suffered thru yet another collision to our parked vehicles right in front of our home. Our insurance has had to pay out over 90k in property damage to 3 totaled vehicles in the past 27 months. Every car traveling Maitland Drive is SPEEDING! we need 24 hr speed controls. We also need a bike lane on this block it has always been a bike route but is not in compliance with safe access rules.
Shady business deals between the city and developers, and back room agreements with HOA's have kept Island Drive closed to the parkway. Harbor Bay and Bay Farm residents need this opened as was originally intended.
What we got instead is a silly road at the end of harbor bay parkway that connects to Mecartney road that serves no one.
My suggestion to the city before lawsuits begin is the last 2 blocks of Maitland Dr. should be one way outbound, that gives alameda the traffic relief needed in the mornings and safe access compliance for cyclists. This would only cost a few signs and paint.. easily and quickly done. For in bound traffic coming off Ron Cowin Pky we all get a little better look at who's entering alameda's back door by routing them around the golf course or continuing on HB pky to Mecartney Rd. Maitland Drive is just too narrow to support the volume of traffic, there's just no room for error.

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