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Pothole 1' deep across the whole street Archived

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The road surface on this street is deteriorating from pavement back to unpaved. After last winter, when a snowplow came through here, there's been a pothole literally all the way across the street. There's no way to go through here in a car without hitting the pothole; the abutting neighbors have recently placed large rocks to keep cars out of their yard--- as they have a right to do--- but the result is that the road's becoming a serious hazard even at very slow speeds.

This street has no name on the town maps; I've heard that the town considers it a "fire access road" to Hancock Street, and that it's neither a private way nor a public road, which means no one's responsible for it. Frankly, I don't care about the jurisdictional details anymore. The other end of Hancock Street is a very steep hill, and this is the flat way to get back and forth to Hancock. It's important for bicycle and walking access.

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