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Light doesn't change for bike riders Acknowledged

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Signal and Intersection Problem


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Hi! This light does not change at all for a bike rider if there is not a motor vehicle waiting as well. There was even a pedestrian crossing and that person got the white guy icon to cross but my red light never changed. Can Eli adjust the sensor so it recognizes bike riders, as he has done for numerous other intersections? (I'd be happy to meet him, as I have other times, so he cause me as a tester as he adjusts.) Also, the light by the library doesn't recognize bike riders anymore and does not give the turn signal from Ashford Center Parkway left onto Chamblee Dunwoody heading north. Eli had fixed that once before and it worked great for awhile.

also asked...
Q. On which street and in which direction is the problem occuring?
A. thatnstreet that meets with Perimeter Center West (by Barnes and Noble)
Q. What time of day?
A. this happened this morning
Q. When did you first notice the problem?
A. today (I don't usually ride that route)


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