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Leaf removal from street Acknowledged

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My neighbors at 1008 and 1003 Baywood Ct. raked leaves out into the street back in December or January and have not had them picked up by the city or otherwise removed. I understand that this is no longer a free or automatic service and that the home owner needs to request pick-up with a fee. There are a significant amount of leaves that are blocking the curb and water drainage on the street. The leaves are creating a real mess, decaying and getting ground down to mush as the owners park on the leaves. This mucky muddy mess smells like an open sewer and creates a permanent puddle in front of my house. Can the city come out and pick the leaves up and bill the homeowners at 1008 and 1003? Or inform the homeowners that his is a code violation and force them to take action to remove the leaves? Please can something be done?
Thank you.

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