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Transportation and Parking Improvement Request Acknowledged

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Transportation and Parking Improvement Request


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Exiting our parking lot is not safe. Last week I nearly had an accident with a car heading towards Route 7 as I was trying to leave. I am not as adament that this issue gets resolved as others that live here, but it really is a problem, so it is frustrating to hear that nobody thinks it is until there have been enough accidents. I don't understand why that is the criteria when many people that live here have had incidents that were almost an accident. The fact that it wasn't could be a product of how slowly someone is exiting the driveway, not that it is "safe enough due to the lack of accidents". Please fix this . I have 3 small children in an SUV and I am still unable to see well enough to make a safe exit. I have to be in the west-bound lane to see east-bound traffic. Not safe, and not okay until a number of accidents have been reported. Thank you.

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