Washington and Drumm St. Intersections Need 3-Way Stop or No Turn on Red Archived

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This intersection is extremely dangerous. I have almost been struck by vehicles 3 times, and I'm really careful because I know how bad it is. I've seen other people almost hit. I know a pedestrian did get hit here last year.

The problem is that vehicles traveling north and south on Drumm are anxious to turn east on to Washington St. to get to Embarcadero, so they don't slow down. There is also a blind spot for vehicles traveling north on Drumm trying to make a right turn (East) on to Washington. They can't see pedestrians in the cross walk. Often vehicles do not even come to a complete stop on a red light. When the light is green, they fly through the right turn without slowing down.

There should a 3-way stop or no turn on red to help vehicles slow down here.

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