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Over grown tree Acknowledged

78 North Swan Street Albany, New York Show on Map Hide Map
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City of Albany


DGS - Trees (Trimming)


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Arbor Hill






This tree needs to be trimmed. Its getting intertwined with cables and starting to grow into the windows which is leading bees into the house. Left complaints last summer never heard back.

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Q. Please provide the exact street address.
A. 78 North Swan street
Q. Is the tree on public or private property?
A. Public
Q. What are you reporting? Please check appropriate box.
A. Large limb down(10 feet or longer in length), Entire tree, other (please describe below) Please be advised that use of this system, including the submission of any attachments, photographs, or other documentation, does not constitute compliance with New York State General Municipal Law Sections 50-e and 50-i, nor does any such submission satisfy the requirements of Albany City Code Section 24-1.
Q. Where is the tree located on the property? Please check all boxes that apply.
A. Front of property, Hanging on a wire

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