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Who besides TJ Oconner can I contact about feral cats. The man that lives at 98 Crestwood St has feral cats. ALOT of them. And now there are 3 new litters living under his neighbors porches and sheds. That we know of. All together there is more than 20 kittens. Like I said that we know of.
When walking past his house on a hot day it smells just like a litter box. I feel sorry for his direct neighbors. Some of them are gross looking as you know they are sickly.
Not to mention the ones living in the house. There is always different ones in the windows.
There must be something that can be done. TJ O'Conner has said to one of my neighbors that there is nothing they can do. You have to be kidding me. It is disgusting up there.There has to be some kind of health violation. He will just open his front door and throw the litter from the inside cats in the yard. He leaves boxes of food on his front porch, Which not only atracks the cats but wildlife as well. PLEASE HELP

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