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A very large tree on city property came down a few yrs back and destroyed the sidewalks on the side of this house. The city did come and take care of the tree. But the side walks were never fixed. This is a busy area for kids. And the neighbors have told me they have reported it many times to get repaired. I have just bought the house on the courner and have been watching kids side step and walk in the street because the side walk area is in such bad shape. Please reach out to us on what can be done. I have called many depts and no one has called me back. Thank you V. Li

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A. 295 Chalmers
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A. Other
Q. Is access to a sidewalk, street, driveway or property blocked?
A. No
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A. Other

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  • City of Detroit Forestry Division - Arlene (Verified Official)

  • City of Detroit Forestry Division - Arlene (Verified Official)

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