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City of Vallejo


Code Enforcement, Exterior Private Property Maintenance


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The first House on Riverview and Tuolomne grey and white ( freshly painted I might add and new Windows has and is not maintaining the weeds and has a camper running power supply parked right in front of the property forcing the border hedge of flowing shrubs to be damaged and unsightly. The camper is unsightly, someone is living in it. The property fence and hedge and physical grounds are the prime example of ghetto blight. Does anyone on our street besides maybe 10 or so homes understand that their lack of anything is depressing and attracts an unsavory street traffic element? And I mean, why buy a house that you blatantly cannot or dont care to maintain, or care about your neighbors having to look at this crap day in day out. Its like asking a little kid to clean up his are all adults, we signed documents to abide by property maintainence ordinances! Its a legal document!!! You all signed and have copies!!! Call me anything derogatory you like! ( and that's ok as well apparently and widely acceptable to victimize and lie and degrade people who actually make an effort), and accuse me of anything you want, But, my house isn't an eyesore, the lawn is cut weeds pulled and it doesn't take but 5 minutes to pick.up the garbage, 20 minutes to cut your lawn TOPS every week, or 40 bucks every two weeks to hire someone! If you have money for weed and cigarettes you can hire a guy to weed eat your 10 square feet of lawn! and its not your right to park a camper and run power lines into the house on the dirt! Especially when its the first house you see!!! I mean, what's the deal? Do you all see the expansive views that.folks would hustle for in this town, and you make it look like a backdrop to breaking bad? I'm sorry, but there are several homes that I dont understand the lack of anything from! Its just flat out inconsiderate of the folks that do care and take care of their properties!! Trust me but you are seriously degrading the neighborhood potential, and I will protect my investment by opening my mouth about it! I dont care what you all think, because you don't care about your neighborhood, I do!

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