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City of Whiting


Auto - Expired or Out of State Plates


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Crap cars and unnecessary handicap parking sign

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Q. Please provide the make, model, color and license plate of vehicle. Please add picture or give location.
A. 2 out of state plates, one on Chevy Malibu, black in color, parks near 1727 Atchison Avenue and has had Illinois plates since being here over 6 months ago. Second vehicle is an ugly black GMC, older model, Illinois plates and has been here over 6 months. GMC PLATE 42914, Malibu plate E379852, also home directly across from 1727 Atchison Avenue has handicap parking spot and person who sign was for is deceased. It's unfair that 30 year residents are not getting parking spot because of the two illegal Illinois plates and the unnecessary sign, please do something about it because if I were to have an illegal plate you would sticker my car in a heartbeat. We as neighbors here demand something done about this. The Malibu is here around 5_6pm everyday and I don't think the GMC ever moves. Thank you for your time and please do something about this crap.

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