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Good afternoon --

I had previously called regarding my current situation in our rental unit. We've had consistent issues with our landlord and property management company since we moved in. It wasn't until about a month ago that I finally called the City of St. Petersburg and was notified that I was living in an illegal duplex-- which started the unraveling of multiple issues with the current living situation.

We have one meter on a two-unit house, therefore our landlord has tried to get us to paid obscene "flat" amounts to "cover" gas and electric. In most cases we would have been paying over $150/mo, and they would not give us money back if we went over -- we never signed that addendum.

Now that we know it's an illegal duplex, I've been told by other City staff that no one can move in until separate meters are put onto the house for the second unit, which solves the gas issue, but not the electric.

The issue I'm now dealing with is that the washer and dryer are connected to our energy bill, and there are 4 other tenants living in the duplex behind us who use this washer and dryer. We have seen a 50% increase in our electric bill ($98 to $151), and we are required to pay $1.50 for each load of laundry -- estimating about $30/mo. I've reached out to our property management company requesting reimbursement from our landlord with no response, and I've asked our landlord directly while she was visiting the property and she said she was "still looking into it". It's now been a month since I sent the email requesting reimbursement from our landlord, and I still have not heard back, seen any type of reimbursement or solution to this issue.

This is unfair to to us and is costing us a ridiculous amount of money that we are not responsible for. If someone from zoning or the building department could call or send me an email to discuss, I've literally found no way to reconcile any of our issues with our landlord or property management company until we've had the City involved.

Thank you for your help!

Mallory Roberts


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